Young people today face a huge challenge of regular employment. Even the motivated, aspiring and trained youth are unable to get employment. Our project aims to build a platform for job oriented training of the unskilled and semi-skilled youth who have limited job opportunities. When we say ‘job oriented’ what we plan to do is to create innovative sustainable business models which will become large platforms for employment of the trained youth. Hence, we propose to become a marketplace for training as well as employment of the trained youth. The first model we are currently building is in the two-wheeler servicing sector where we will deploy hundreds of youth through a mobile automobile servicing platform in mid to large size corporations and housing complexes. The two-wheeler servicing sector has been carefully chosen based on the research that a large number of youth is trained every year in automobile servicing by the government run Industrial Training institute (ITIs) and automobile companies. Also, there are a lot of resources available including space, equipment, and trainers for conducting of such training programs. The major problem lies in the ‘meaningful’ employment of the youth after completing the training. The job of a mechanic is often not respected with low income levels. Our project will bring professionalism in the vast unorganized servicing market and will bring greater efficiency and structure leading to better income levels and dignity to the profession. It will also result in curbing the malpractices and ensure compliance with the industry recommended servicing norms and procedures. Apart from this, we also propose to bring environment-friendly recycling technologies to recycle tones of used engine oil and also remove the dirt, grease/oil and other foreign matter from the water used for washing purposes thus positively impacting the environment.

SMART Goals/ Milestones:

1) To develop networks with Govt training institutions, industry, NGOs and other training institutions. - By October, 2013
2) Develop a training and servicing procedure to be followed. - By October, 2013
3) To develop technologies for waste water treatment and engine oil recycling with the help of faculty from IIT Delhi (a leading engineering institute in India) and other technical institutions.
4) To start pilot testing the idea/service with 5 companies. - December, 2013
5) To arrange for funds to expand the initiative - March, 2014.


1) Provide training matching industry standards to 100 young people and provide them a platform for dignified jobs.

2) To collaborate with various companies for providing automobile servicing inside their office premises.

3) Build technological solution for processing used engine oil and recycle the water used for washing purposes.

4) Saving the customer's time spent in servicing the automobile and providing genuine service leading to lesses breakdowns and life of the vehicle.