Womens Conditions in Project area : Due to very poor conditions of the family in the tribal and rural area of the district, most of the children could not get proper education. If somehow children get the opportunity to go to school the priority is given only to the boys. Some lucky girls could attend the only primary education and that too if the school is available in the village, in absence of school education stops in the age of 10 or 12 and they are busy with the daily house keeping duties, these girls lose their childhood in early teenage and perform various daily work such like cooking, carrying water, gazing livestock, house keeping and younger child care etc. Soon after marriage in this early age of these girls again this cycle starts with their children and continues to the next generation, the only reason of this is lack of education and less opportunity for girls to learn about house keeping, child care and other house hold activities. The only knowledge they have is what they learn from their mothers. They are not aware of the working of various Government departments, the only expectation from these girls is just to manage the home with the money earned by husband or agriculture product. If these ladies want to do something for the betterment of family they are unable to do so, because they don’t have any technical or specific knowledge about earning money or how to mobilize the available sources like management of land and water, other activities of the related with the family, livestock keeping and management, kitchen garden etc. After going through serious case study we come to know the problems stated below : 1. Illiterate ladies. 2. Physically weak due to over burdened since childhood and malnutrition due to poverty. 3. Occasionally raped during the fire wood collection. 4. Anemic because of less and malnutritious food. 5. Marriage in younger age which cases danger in pregnancy and mortality during delivery. 6. Mentally tensed due to poor economic condition and many other problems in the family. 7. Economically weak which creates a fear in their mind about how to live if a husband oppresses them when they come forward to ask for women’s right. 8. Socially the females are counted as in second position in the Society and many social pressures are meant for the women only. 9. Most of the women are ill due to lack of awareness, education and health facilities. g. As an voluntary Organization we had several discussion amongst us and with local Panchayat leaders as well as with the senior citizens of the community where in it came out to provide a six month training to these unmarried girls of the age of 15 to 25. After completion of the six months house keeping training each trainee will be provided with a interest free loan to start an earning unit for the home which is a very little start to achieve a big goal.

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