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Colorss Presence:
Baroda, Gujarat - INDIA:
1. Navprerna, New Sama
2. Sanjay Nagar Slums, New Sama, Baroda

Pune, Maharashtra - INDIA:
Pune Cantonment Board’s School:
3. Mahadji Shinde High School, Wanowrie
4. Dr. Ambedkar Memorial High School, Sholapur Bazaar

Our Projects:
1. Project Enhance
2. Project ‘Colors of Life’
3. Project Ujra – igniting the fire within
4. CSR Project – Aircel a+ Computer and Vocational Training





colorssfoundation Celebrating Republic Day 2015 @ Baroda (Celebrated Republic Day 26th Jan at Baroda with the students - prize distribution was carried out... different performances were carried out by the students.. We celebrated the birthday of one of our students - Azad <3 he was surprised ..our interns got the certificate of appreciation of good work being carried out in the school <3 hearty congrats for the same.. An event full of happiness, joy and surprises <3)

Mon 26 Jan 2015 08:52:35 AM EST

colorssfoundation Celebrating Republic Day 2015 (Launched E-zine from our Project 'Colors of Life' : The “Colors of Life” program uses creative means like adult-facilitated drawing, creative writing, computer games and translation to encourage underprivileged school-going children to open their minds and explore new ideas which brings about a measurably effective change in their approach to education, interpersonal skills and overall confidence. On the occasion of celebrating the Republic Day we released yet another E-zine on this big day <3 at Pune, Maharashtra. Soon it would be made available to you all!)

Mon 26 Jan 2015 12:35:49 PM EST

colorssfoundation Happy Republic Day! <3

Sun 25 Jan 2015 09:45:09 AM EST