A journey to reach the last mile is a project undertaken to consider those innumerable villagers of Dhaniyajor village, which has 46 Gondi tribes. The darkness in this village prevails for last 41 years. This certainly hampers the work of the farmers, women and children. The twin purpose of this project undertaken is to promote green and clean energy and light the darkened world of all the farmers, women and children at large. "To lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom."

My wholistic vision in this project is to provide vision to this blinded village surrounded with darkness and thus build a community enlightened. But this provision should not compromise on safe and green energy. Therefore I want to promote 'go green' through Solar Lamps, an energy available in plenty in this beautiful village. This I believe will be a step forward towards a sustainable development of the village and of the children. The darkness has indeed affected children folk badly leading to ignorance and dropouts. With these Solar Lamps they can see a new world for themselves. Dhaniyajor lacks electricity and the basic necessities. These solar lamps will shape this village differently . The world is going on to 4th to 5th generation technology, but where do these children stand. That is the sole concern of this project.

The project is addressing two issues:

1. Light for school going children, women and farmers.
2. Usage of green energy to save the world.