A journey to reach the last mile is a project undertaken to consider those innumerable villagers of Dhaniyajor village, which has 46 Gondi tribes. The darkness in this village prevails for last 41 years. This certainly hampers the work of the farmers, women and children. The twin purpose of this project undertaken is to promote green and clean energy and light the darkened world of all the farmers, women and children at large. "To lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom."

Dhaniyajor village is poverty stircken village but the root cause is illitercay. Through this project I wish to enlighten the chidlren, therefore not a patch work but a sustainable model which helps them resolve all their longdrwan problems.

Purpose :

Our purpose is to provide solar lamp to every family of Dhaniyajor village. Where there is 46 Gond families who are without any access to electricity for decades. My project will implement to the grassroot level, Farmer who are not able to afford solar lamps and Our aim is encourage and promote the Use of Solar lamp.

Where and How We Will Begin :

We will begin with implementing the use of solar lights to replace kerosene lamps in the Dhaniyajor village near Garhi, M.P., India to provide benefits to the villagers such as gainful employment, improvement of health, and replacement of pollution causing kerosene lamps with solar lamps

Current Conditions :

Kerosene lanterns use heavily subsidized kerosene, which is very polluting, causes indoor air pollution enough to cause severe respiratory problems for children in enclosed village huts, and pose a fire hazard. Kerosene lanterns emit 1/3rd of a ton of carbon dioxide every year, and the total emissions in a villages are significant as hundreds of millions people use them. Our project  will make an attempt to provide solar lights available for Dhaniyajor farmers, especially to the poorest in the villages.Project will provide the availability of lighting derived from clean energy for their income generating crafts activities, the provision of more reading hours for their school age children, and creating more employment opportunities.

Project Vision :

To uplift the social economic standards of dhaniyajor village by building a sustainable model for growth and Lighting up the Dhaniyajor village This project is targeted towards villages which have no access to electricity and villagers who are not able to afford solar lamps.