A journey to reach the last mile is a project undertaken to consider those innumerable villagers of Dhaniyajor village, which has 46 Gondi tribes. The darkness in this village prevails for last 41 years. This certainly hampers the work of the farmers, women and children. The twin purpose of this project undertaken is to promote green and clean energy and light the darkened world of all the farmers, women and children at large. "To lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom."

“Green and Clean village”

Solar lamp is the major solution and one spark to curb darkness of illteracy. There are other soltuions to clean technologies which need to reach this community viz. Smokeless wood stove, Water purifier, mosquito net etc. I am thinking to develop this village as a replicable model involving local community. Water- Light, Women and Child health, Safe drinking water are the basic basic need to prevent chronic diseases. Improved wood stove will give an option for women to keep away from the danger of fire. These are certain solutions that the project adresses in this project.







Leading light!
           Building bright!
                      with Eco sight!