A journey to reach the last mile is a project undertaken to consider those innumerable villagers of Dhaniyajor village, which has 46 Gondi tribes. The darkness in this village prevails for last 41 years. This certainly hampers the work of the farmers, women and children. The twin purpose of this project undertaken is to promote green and clean energy and light the darkened world of all the farmers, women and children at large. "To lead kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom."

Sustaianable development is the catchword of this project. Sutainability in terms of education, sustainbility in terms of livelhood and sustainbility in terms of standard of living.We are children of our experience and i will achieve my target through the constant feedback from all corners will enable me to improve and learn.There is always a give and take different point of views surely contributes to a qualitative team work. If my work receives constant feedback i will improve. This i will receive from the stake holders, my team and others.Since we have already conducted a little sample experiment it has become a great hit and the need is understood and created also so there is no turning back.  Since the government also supports go green once the project is approved we will have greater opportunities to excel and remove the darkness from this village. The minority group that opposes this project will be convinced in due course of time.
Our Team will ensure to keep in touch with the villagers to update them from time to time concerning the lamps.

We have a team of volunteers who will be going to various Tolas (Wings) of the villages to promote these solar lamps and explain these villagers about its importance. We will also try to provide Eco-friendly wood stoves with funds  available which consumes less firewoodand prevents deforestation. We will not just provide them fishes but help them fish in other words  our volunteers will have a follow up with these wings whether these wings are using it for educating children or not. Thus we intend to have a sustainable project which has a lasting impact.

A brief description of my budget

Type of Expense Cost
Solar Lamps 2037.97$
Laptops  1207.68$
Volunteers Food, Travel, Training, Accommodation  905.79$
Transportation  301.92$
Documentation and communication  150.96$
Total Project Expense 4602.32$