In Africa, the scourge of poverty is a given reality. It has been said that on the average most people live on less than a dollar wage per day. This is quite frightening. \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\one worrisome fact is that African countries account for a good percentage of the Least Developed Countries, LDCs, in the world with 34 out of a total of 49 LDCs worldwide. Nigeria, the most populous country in black Africa with an estimated population of about 150 million people is not exempted from the menace of poverty.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nTo address the scourge of poverty in the nation, experts have advocated the deployment of information communication technology ICT to address the menace. ICTs are technologies that enable communication and information processes and transmission through electronic means. \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nIt includes the deployment of telephones, media, radio, television, computers and the Internet for information transmission.


Our Mission is to promote rural development in Africa.  We build, equip and maintain Computer Centers and Libraries in rural communities.  We offer the residents of these communities free access to Internet-enabled computers and print media.  We want them to gain skills and knowledge, and the means by which to communicate with others throughout the world. Thereby, we give them opportunities to transform their lives and communities.  We seek to bridge the  digital and educational divides separating us.  Through this work we hope to eradicate poverty in the communities we serve.