Improving Urban Livelihoods of 500 Youth in Choma Zambia

Location: Choma, Southern, Zambia

Organization Name: Batonga Foundation (BF)
Grant: $22,000
Year: 2014
Focus Area: Housing and Slum Upgrading

Project Summary

The project aims at improving the urban livelihoods of 500 young urban poor by boosting their income and upgrading their housing in Siampade and Mwapona slums in Choma, Zambia.

Project Description

The project targets the urban poor youth living in Mwapona and Siampande slums in Choma, Zambia. It will be implemented within 12 months and will support 250 disadvantaged young people in each slum. The project will be carried out through the establishment of 10 support groups, composed of 50 young people in each. The project focuses on urban activities based on an integrated approach. The Batonga Foundation aims to boost incomes and savings together with upgrading housing and services like improved waste reuse and disposal management. The project will support youth access to permits and land tenure, and participation in governance through established structures as well as access to credit to start income generation. The immediate outcome of the project includes adequate and sustainable income generation in the informal sector gained by poor urban youth, increased access to improved and affordable housing and services, increased knowledge on sanitation and life skills development. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of poor urban youth by working with local authorities, non-governmental organizations and the government.

Project Outcome

This Project has not been completed yet.