the video is a brief rough-cut video about the project "YOU CAN CHANGE"

Most of the young people in secondary schools in Uganda take undermine education and instead of concentrating at their education, they waste a lot of time doing things that do not benefit them like dozing in class, not concentrating during class lessons and so on majorly because of their poor attitude about education.

“You Can Change” is media project (video) that I think will help the lazy students in secondary schools change their attitude about education by themselves. It will also encourage them learn how to manage their time during school times and also improve on their performances such that they improve on their grades too.

This initiative will be of a high benefit to them. I am working with a small team of young people such that we complete this media project and supply it to secondary schools in Uganda such that it reaches our target audience and cause impact to them. We also need about $450 to help us hire the media tools, buy other materials needed and help to pay some other needs that are required.

I also call upon teachers, students, secondary school administrators and anyone who maybe interested to support us and join us pursue this mission. I believe that this media will be of a high benefit to most secondary school students