Vulnerable young people lack what everyone else wants: opportunity, affiliation, community, solidarity, respect and success. Whether those needs are provided by gangs – or conversely by schools, houses of worship and sports leagues – is up to us as a society. The choice we make has short- and long-term ramifications

Resilient young people embody our hopes and carry out our dreams, therefore, they must be at the center of our efforts to rebuild and secure social and technological capital.

We welcome you to the a global home for nurturing, building resilience and protecting young people against all forms of radicalization

Our purpose of existence
MEDIA4YOUTH-RESILIENCE(M4YR) purposes to address the issue of youth radicalization by building youth resilience through provision of deeper media skills and information literacy that will ignite creativity, self reliance and activism for global citizenship.

Our Vision
M4YR as a global hope for nurturing, building resilience and protecting young people against all forms of radicalization

Our Mission
Using digital media as a resilience building tool, M4YR aims to enable young people gain access to media skills and the means to create, construct and produce powerful media that express their aspirations for the benefit of fellow youth and the society; that includes positive engagement, peace, poverty alleviation, promotion of respect for human rights and dignity, enabling dialogue for mutual understanding, youth development and grassroots activism.

Our Goals

In 3 months, M4YR will implement  an engaging, youth centered and project - based informal program that aims to equip 100 young people, marginalised and vulnerable from the undeserved 5 youth centers/schools with deep media skills and competencies long with education for global citizenship and the integration of human rights in all education and life-long learning:

• 100 youth form 5 schools will be trained on media skills ranging from digital story telling, photography, video and stop motion animation in 3 months
• During the project period we will build awareness of the value and impact of digital media for building youth resilience
• Increase the visibility and accessibility of media with quality content on basis of human rights, youth resilience and dignity.
• Expand professional development opportunities for teachers of youth media.
• To enhance and sustain high-quality cross - curriculum learning and career opportunities for youth.
• At the end of the training and creation, we will promote dynamic platforms to showcase youth media productions and programs in any undeserved audiences.