In INDIA, very less number of people knows about the rights or benefits they can avail at government or private hospitals. According to current Status in Delhi - updated on 15.4.2013 Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana(A Scheme by Government of INDIA) , just 11% of the scheme's Rs. 2.31 crore active beneficiaries are in DELHI region and other 90% did not know about the scheme, biggest issue as DELHI is the Capital of INDIA and most MNC’s had offices there and still educated people are not a part of this scheme. In Maharashtra, only 38% of the poor have got RSBY cards and no government hospitals are part of the scheme forcing the poor into private sector care. So the issue is people are unaware of the benefits they can avail at government or private hospitals as many hospitals are also part of this with this project will be focusing on people medical rights, finding new schemes run by government which are out of reach to people due to many reasons,so this project affecting the community socially and economically.


We are an online community, and have community centres that help the people and  provide proper medical information to citizens of developing countries like India.

The idea is basically deals with rights of normal people living in any country through out the globe.The main problem is mostly People Living around the globe did not know about their medical rights that mean the facilities, the benefits they can avail at Government or at non-Government Hospitals. They also did not know about the new Policies started by the government for them. So this idea is focused to create awareness among people around the Globe regarding their medical rights, So that they get benefited. This project will be focused not only locally but it’s a global project. All the people living in country like INDIA get benefited with this idea, because INDIA is currently developing, and lots of poor families are living around the Country. Not only the poor families but the rich families also did not know about the same facilities they can available at the hospitals. They don’t know where to complaint if the local authorities in hospitals did not work properly. People works in the industries did not know about the medical allowance. Salary is deducted at the time of payment but they don’t know how to use the facility. So I want to design a system so that each and every people in the country know about their medical rights.

At the beginning this project will be focusing on the BPL(Below Poverty Line) users and those who do not have enough money to manage their health or to take care his/her family in case of Emergency, Women, Disabled People, Students, Employees, etc. are also part of project.

After that we will be focusing on the urban areas or cities and the high tech cities infact where educated people lives and do not know about the facilities they can avail.Although they have enough money to take medicines from very good hospitals but in case of emergency may be they do not have so much money at a particular time so they can get benifits if they know about their rights.