Metanoia- city of the future designed at the IB World Student Conference in Bath 2014

“Metanoia is an innovative new city located at O’Connors Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The city aims to be courteous and to have a sustainable framework which satisfies a comprehensive set of environmental, social and economic goals. Metanoia aims to connect people from every walk of life with an environmentally sustainable all-mode transportation network and through a thriving multicultural community. ‘Green living’ is at the heart of Metanoia with the entire settlement structured around the world’s largest urban green expanse. The city centre is surrounded by integrated self-sufficient bubble communities which connect to create an eco-friendly, healthy and creative multicultural community city.”

Map of the city
the key aspects/elements your group chose to explore
Audience: those coming to the site to hear about what your group did, why they did it.  Imagine an viewer whose primary question is "what can I learn from this GAT Group's work?"

how they went about their work
what thinking process
what action process
what outcome
what possibilities for advancement either by the students in the GAT or a student who wasn't at the conference.