Metanoia's mission is to be eco-friendly, user-friendly, efficient, courteous and aesthetically exciting… not to mention free to the public!

Metanoia is a network of bubble communities which work together to create a huge, thriving city. Transportation is a huge part of city life and is often the most stressful part of the day... but not in Metanoia! The city is built upon a National Park and so nature is a huge part of its ethos; transport in Metanoia incorporates nature with the innovative technologies of the world's largest cosmopolitan cities. The environment, safety, accessibility and courteousness are at the heart of Metanoia's city transport network.

We hope to accomplish this vision by implementing various aspects into our city:

  • Government Funding for the transportation infrastructure of the city.
  • Separated streets for pedestrians, bicycles, free-wheeling equipment and motor vehicles.
  • A smart phone app for transportation in the city, like Siri or the guides provided at museums and galleries that assist the public and provide information for citizens with disabilities or those who cannot speak the local language.
  • Providing quality Public Transportation
    • A point system to give  perks and rewards to people who frequent public trandsport to encourage its use.
    • Comfortable, interactive bus stops convieniently placed where people will congregate.
  • Strict regulations on personal motor vehicles (cars), in order to prevent congestion and minimize air pollution.
  • Child friendly areas with playgrounds and routes where kids are suggested to walk/ride bikes, along with facilities/shops geared towards children.
  • Lanes separate from roadways for people walking, biking, skipping, etc. along with rickshaw services.
  • Pathways and optional chaparones in order for kids to walk to school
  • Trees and greenery around roads to provide shade and a nicer ambiance
  • Theft free parking for bicycles such as the Eco Cycle by GIKEN ltd.
  • Underwater Tube systems to Auckland or New Caledonia