National Snakebite Initiative - Envenomation Mortality Research & Victim Rehabilitation & neglected Disease Study program

Location: Erode, India

Organization Name: Jeeva Karunya Trust
Grant: $15,000.00
Year: 2014
Focus Area: Access to Health Information and Facilities

Project Summary

The project aims to address the neglected Tropical Disease and Snakebite & alleviate the suffering caused by snake bites.

Project Description

The burden of human suffering caused by snake bites has been greatly ignored for far too long in India and it remains one of the most neglected of all tropical diseases. Snakebite (Envenoming) is a particularly cruel misery inflicted on many of the most impoverished, rural agricultural communities of who lack the financial backups and basic awareness, thousands of snakebite victims die, or are permanently maimed. Unfortunately, reliable statistics data on snake Envenomation are impossible. The available data is based on assumptions of identification of snake as reported by the victims.

National Snake bite initiative believes that the approach to achieve these objectives involve establishing a Rural Campaign programs to directly impact the problems of snakebite envenoming in specific rural locations and that can be achieved through Snakebite Campaign Outreach and Envenomation Survey. Activities which will be integrated for a period of 12 months in Hospitals, Rehabilitates the victims, Publishes Book on snakebite Management. The Snakebite Campaign will camp in Urban and rural Schools that will Deliver all significant visual details and information about snakes, snakebites, Prevention and control, First Aid, emergency and Management Information. The project will also implement a Snake safety training for women, self help groups, Tribal Snake catchers, Youth of 15-32 years old as rescue workers employment with Safety equipment's. The project will also edit Snake bite Information Book, that will serve rural emergency situation on women and youth snakebite victim rehabilitation regarding post treatment effects and survival .

Project Outcome

This Project has not been completed yet.