With 72% of Indian population lives in rural areas and the alarmingly low proportions of rural households with LPG connectivity, extensive usage of firewood has not only deteriorated their health but has also led to indiscriminate damage to forests. We have developed a unique way of organic waste-processing the end product of which are energy briquettes, which can serve as clean smokeless substitute for conventionally used household fuels. We thus aspire to ameliorate the dual problems of waste and energy management and contribute our bit to community welfare.


To introduce a novel concept of using organic waste to generate fuel for domestic and commercial purposes in order to tackle dual problems of waste and energy management


To discourage a significant of directly-affected people from using lethal conventional fuels and help them adopt a cleaner and sustainable way of living


To mark a move towards a sustainable way of generating energy and thus impact health of slum-dwellers and air and soil qualities positively and simultaneously