Securing urban land tenure for young people in Informal settlements

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Organization Name: Youth Agrarian Society
Grant: $19,070
Year: 2014
Focus Area: Land, Legislation and Governance

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to facilitate young people's access, control and ownership of urban land in the informal settlements of Zimbabwe.

Project Description

The initiative seeks to enhance the access, control and ownership of urban land for young people in marginalized informal settlements, and to lobby for the servicing and development of these settlements around Harare. The core objective is to identify and register informal settlements occupied by young people as a means to securing their tenure of land. Key to sustainable urban land, legislation and governance is the recognition, servicing and developing of informal settlements including registration of land to ensure security of tenure and the development of land markets. The project will run for 10 months and is expected to reach out to 200 beneficiaries who are marginalized young men and women in Carsabanana and Calidornia informal settlements. The activities involve information dissemination, advocacy and lobbying for access to land, training and registration of land. The project will also allow the target beneficiaries to have an understanding of the urban land issues, including land rights, security of tenure and the development of land markets. As such they become active participants in the urban land governance and legislation.

Project Outcome

This Project has not been completed yet.