Securing urban land tenure for young people in Informal settlements

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Organization Name: Youth Agrarian Society
Grant: $19,070
Year: 2014
Focus Area: Land, Legislation and Governance


End of Project by Yaszw509 Oct 21, 2015 - 6:41 AM EDT

We have successfully completed our project, after having carried out all the activities that were planned. A total of 181 beneficiaries were assisted in application and registration of the land they occupy in the informal settlements around Harare. Notable servicing of housing stands has also commenced in the target areas owing to the continued pressure we put on local authorities during project implementation. The housing cooperatives that the beneficiaries formed were successfully registered with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise and certificates of incorporation are now in the custody of the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries now have a perceived security of their tenure on the land they occupy as we have managed to regularize the legal status of their cooperatives. Title deeds which are the the most significant tenure security documents in urban areas, will be issued to each beneficiary upon completing of payments and development of their land.