Self Help Foundation is an initiative operating in the resettling communities of Uganda. Self Help Foundation grew out of the dire need for a long term solution to resettlement; the people in these communities became very vulnerable and dependant socially, economically and politically and this came as a result of a disruption in education for most of the youth and children and lack of general skills in the community to empower themselves. Self Help foundation works with a number of stakeholders in the promotion and implementation of its mission and objectives including but not limited to government organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and development partners, women organizations, cultural institutions, the private sector and faith based organizations. Key among these includes: • Donor agencies • Government of Uganda ministries • Institutions of learning • Research institutions • Women movements • Civil society organizations

Self Help Foundation Uganda (SHF) is an organisation that grew out of the dire need for long term solutions to the problems resettling communities of Northern Uganda. As a result Communities have become dependent socially, economically and politically due to disruption in education for youth and children. There was also a lack of general skills in the community to empower themselves.

Through skills training and co-curricular in school, Self Help Foundation has contributed to keeping children in school to minimize the school dropout in school. Self Help Foundation Uganda has developed capacity-building programmes and activities specifically tailored to meet the needs and concerns of children and youth. To effectively implement some of its activities SHF has engaged in strategic partnerships with youth and student organisations in Uganda and world over. It has been implementing activities with the help of global exchange students and volunteers. SHF has hosted over ten interns and volunteers from Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, Singapore and Rwanda among others.