Gender inequality has always been an issue in today’s society. It’s not only in third world countries that we see this problem, but rather it can be seen everywhere. The media constantly portrays women as the lesser of the two, and as we (society) are so accustomed to this type of exhibition, we do not realize the inequality issues that partake in our everyday lives. However, on a positive note, unlike third world countries, many developed countries have elevated from understanding that women should be treated with the same respect and should be considered an equal (although there are still many issues that arise due to the assumptions and stereotypes led by society). My project will focus on gender inequality in third world countries to promote equality in girls and their rights by creating a non profit organization that brings together female youth in Ontario, Canada for a one day conference, where they will be exposed to countless opportunities,educated about girls rights, listen to female guest speakers working in numerous sectors demonstrating their empowerment in our society, exercise their leadership skills and social network among one another to create a new uprising community of female youth leaders in today\'s society. This conference will encourage female youth to reach their maximum potential by providing them with the necessary resources and giving them the chance to learn, discover and engage with others all in efforts to raise money to contribute to girls in third world countries so that they will be given the same experience.

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