We welcome you to MadNumber! MadNumber is an idea to put out of school children through school where you don't have to pay a single dollar but you can help them.

Project Summary:

MadNumber’s purpose is to address the issue of putting out of school children back to school and help them finish their education and promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. MadNumber’s vision is helping a child in his/her full academic career and train them to be an entrepreneur of the future.

Our goals are:
1. Putting children to school and help them throughout their academic career.
2. Promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
3. Low the poverty percentage of Pakistan.
4. Make young social innovators.

Mad Number is a smart phone app which will raise funds, and these funds will be used for out-of-school children to put them through school.


Population of Pakistan is ~191,715,847 and over 27 million children are out of school. Pakistan's litracy rate is 54% from which 66.25% are male and 41.75% are female. The main reason for this rating is poverty. So we are addressing the issue of education to put them out-of-school children through school and help then complete their education.

We observed the community and people are willing to help the poor by giving them money. But when you give money to someone you are making them a beggar, but if you teach someone you are teaching their generations. So this is where we are focusing to tell them that there is a permanent solution available and you can help them without paying a single dollar from your pocket.


We are combining technology with the social sector. We will develop an app which will raise funds. Then these funds will be used to pay tution of out of school children.

The app is an innovative idea, you can say it uses the old Robin Hood technique but in a leagal and innovative way. ;)

To understand the solution imagine a scenerio where a company is paying 1 million dollar for 1 month advertisment on a bill board. This much money can be used for 10 to 16 years of education of a child in Pakistan. So, we are doing the same there will be advertisment slots in the app where Corporations will place ads and using this app will raise funds based on the impressions ads get.


  • Pakistan Literacy rate will be increased.
  • Pakistan poverty rate will decrease.
  • Children will get the basic right of education and they will not leave school because of poverty.
  • Entrepreneurship will boost in Pakistan.
  • More social innovators will be trained.


We are looking to raise around $30,000 - $50,000 to pilot this project. We will be launching our indiegogo campaign soon.