Welcome to the official initiative page for narrative short film, The Fifth

Inspired by Nina Simone's rendition of "Strange Fruit", this story was born. The film's purpose is to face trauma directly and be in conversation on such events as a part of community awareness, cultural development, and destigmatizing media outlets. Our team's hopes are to have the film as a conversation piece, not just entertain, but narrative activism.

Story Synopsis

When their initial hopes of having a successful fishing trip turn sour, cousins Moe and Stoney resort to lingering throughout the woods without motive. After settling onto a tree, Moe becomes frustrated and turns away from Stoney, but soon catches what seems like a lost bag in the distance. He takes interest in retrieving it while Stoney buzzes around the surrounding area for its owner.

It doesn’t take very long before they find her, cold and alone.


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