Project Summary

The plot consists of two young men who stumble upon a corpse in the woods, a young woman. They relieve her from the unfortunate scene, and proceed to get help. One stays behind and shufflse through her belongings. He tries to piece together a potential identity. Ultimately, my goal as writer-director aiming to give her life again.


Our issue is identity. Identity is precious for the sake of remembrance. Personally, I found that media outlets stigmatize people of color and sometimes use headlines to shame their memory, such as having troubled incidents in school, or say things like, "they were no angel". Sadly, this has the ability to demonize a person, and this renders many problems. It renders issues for victim's families and issues for people who identify with the lost, as though one person's tarnished memory is an attack on an entire group of people. Millennials, such as the producers of this project, feel an objection to this stigmatization, and would like to present a story that captures the human spirit. Humanization is the objective.  

Solution & Outcome

Our solution is reaching a target audience and being a part of humanization discussion. The target audience for this project are Millennials, people who constantly recycle media outlet coverage in dozens of social media sites. The recycle includes recording their televisions, ripping videos from news sources, and posting their reactions to them on several social media on how members of their communities are being treated after death. This is the digital age we're a part of, and this is the digital age we'd like to speak to with this short story. We'd like to voice our opinion using this. 

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